Care & Maintenance Tips

Castlith is a homogenous and solid mineral filled polymer material that is easy to maintain. Simple routine maintenance is required to keep it looking new and fresh.

Routine cleaning of counter tops :

Use any liquid detergent like "Lizol" to clean surface. Avoid using abrasive powders or scorch-brite for regular cleaning. Wipe away water stains with a damp cloth and sponge and dry with a towel.

Prompt clean up of spills will minimize even stubborn stains such as food dye, tea, fruit drinks, and some juices. For stubborn stains on polished surfaces, use bleach for two or five minutes followed by a general cleaner, then flush with water.

Occasional hand polishing with 3M polishing compound will help to increase the gloss.

Minor scraches, stubborn stains can be removed suing soap water and scotch brite. Rub in a circular motion. If the area is dull in contrast with the surrounding surface, use rubbing compound (ordinarily used for car polishing) to restore gloss.

Professional Help :

CASTLITH is renewable, no matter how many years has passed and no matter what condition the product, it can be made as fresh as a brand new product. This is done by using sanding machine and buffing machine at the site within 2-4 hours. This is done for a moderate charges depending on the condition. Please send a e-mail to for further assistance.

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