1. What is CASTLITH ?

CASTLITH, is brand name of a composite material called Solid Surface Products. CASTLITH is formulated from a high-tech composite of polyester-acrylic resins and natural minerals giving the bold and elegant perception of stone. CASTLITH is 100% solid - the colour goes all the way through the material.

2. What is solid surface products ?Is it natural material ?

Solid surface is composite material comprising natural minerals, Aluminum trihydrates and polymer resins. It is not natural material but sure a rare combination of nature and synthetic, taking advantage of both the benefits.

3. Why is it called Solid surface ?

Because it is solid. The sheet or shape is "homogenous" that is, the colour and pattern is absolutely consistent throughout every part. Here beauty is not just skin deep!.

4. What are the colours of CASTLITH ?

a) Any plain colour (normally matching to ceramic ware water closets, at present there are 44 plain colour)
b) Granule colours (Dotted textures, at present there are 20 colours)

5. A) What are the standard sizes available in CASTLITH counter top ?

Our products are generally custom made to meet each customers particular needs and site condition.It is individually measured and made against order like a tailor made suit.

5. B) Do you keep stock of your products ?

Though our products are generally custom made, we do have ready stock suitable for generic area like dining and broad bath rooms where it can be accommodated - pick any one from the list available at this website (refer ready stock - off the shelf list) for immediate use.

6. What are the designs available in CASTLITH ?

Your imagination is our limitation. Whatever design is needed, as per your drawing and requirement anything can be made.

7. How about cleaning and maintenance ?

CASTLITH is absolutely non-porous. Bowl and deck is one integral. Therefore cleaning is much easier than natural stones. Any liquid cleaning agents like LIZOL is used refer our care and maintenance page for more details.

8. What is special about CASTLITH wash counter tops ?

During 80's and 90's wall hung commodes made a revolution in bathroom industry because of its cleaning convenience. CASTLITH wash counter tops are wall hung makes not only cleaning your tidy bathroom easy, but gives more leg room in your bathroom.

9. Do your products comes with a warranty ?

All castlith products carry a limited Five-year warranty against any manufacturing defect to the residential owners.s

10. Do you have custom made bowls also ?

No, only counter tops are custom made, we have to select the bowl from the available designs. Please refer bowl options page to select the one suitable for you.

11. What about plumbing details ?

Waste coupling size is universal. Tap hole is 1 and 1/4 inch and can accommodate any brand, any model of faucet.

12.How do we install the counter top ?

Any plumber can fix CASTLITH counter top, it is much easier than the conventional granite, ceramic bowl, concrete combo. Please refer our installation page for methods and ways for installing one.

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