Installation Procedures

A.Installation on vanity or wooden cupboard


1. Kindly ensure that the vanity or wooden cupboard base is flat and leveled. Verify the vanity is at right angle to the wall; otherwise the counter top backsplash will not fit tightly against the wall. This will cause the installer to inherit the mistake of the vanity and hence due attention to the details are required.

2. The counter top should overhang the vanity on both sides and in front by three by four inch to 1 and half inch as desirable.

3. After you have the counter top in the exact position desired, apply a fine bead of caulk (preferably silicone caulk / sealant) on the exterior of the cabinet where it joins the counter top. This will secure the top to the cabinet and fill any voids that may exist between top and vanity.

B.Installation on support walls :


Kindly check if you have planned for a support wall either on one side or both sides. CASTLITH has provided with a beautiful and neat m.s powder coated brackets for places, where there is no cabinet or no supporting wall.

C.Installation using kit provided by CASTLITH

The installation kit provided by CASTLITH can be used either before tiling or after tiling. Just drill and fix the brackets as shown in the figure below. Apply a fine bead of caulk (preferably silicone caulk / sealant) on the brackets and secure the counter top in position.Salient features / benefits of installation kit provided by CASTLITH.


  • No need to break tiles / walls as in fixing conventional "L" angles
  • Square mild steel construction - looks elegant even without covering
  • Powder coated - Rust free, Durable
  • More leg space compared to vanity or support wall installation
  • Can be used after tiling
  • Installed within one hour.

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